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Due to the fact that my computer went belly up this past summer and the fact that Google changed our locations for ALL our pictures, I have not had been able to rebuild our site as it was. All our links to every picture we had up here went away and I don't have the time to rebuild them all. So we are stuck with these few meager pages for our site but since most everyone is now on Facebook, I don't feel it is a great loss. I will, however, maintain this site until after our 50th Reunion so that everyone can find all the information and be able to purchase the tickets on PayPal.

For ALL the Reunion information click the link on the left "Upcoming Reunion" and get the latest information.

The Registration/Ticket Forms can be downloaded so you can snail mail them in, the hotel event code is listed so you can get your discounted room price and PayPal is now up and running so you can purchase your tickets online, if you so desire.
Please note, that with using PayPal you will have an added cost due to the fees imposed by PayPal.  The fees for this are printed on our Reunion page just so you know how much it is and it is included in your ticket purchase.  The mail-in cost for the Reunion is $78.00 per person and the PayPal cost is $81.00 per person.  It is up to you whichever you would like to use to purchase your tickets.  ALSO, please note that when you purchase your ticket through PayPal
it will be going into the account marked AGImpressions@comcast.net 
Do NOT be alarmed.  You will get a confirmation email back along with the request for any additional information we will need such as your graduating class and if purchasing multiple tickets, we will ask for the names/class/guest information.

You can download the Reunion Invitation and pass it to your other classmates that might not have access to a computer.

Should you have any questions, go to our link on the left "Committee Members" to contact the Committee Member for your class.

To the right on this page, please note the "Missing Names" listings. These are .pdf file listings of our Missing Classmates. Please feel free to print them off and help us to locate them so they won't be left out of the Reunion. These lists are probably out-of-date for this Reunion, but it is all I have for now.
We hope to see you all at our 50th Reunion!
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Song Facts:  Bon Jovi "Make a Memory"
Can't get more appropriate song than this for our upcoming Reunion!
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